Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation

I don’t go to see mission impossible films to have a moment of contemplation or ‘deep thought’. We don’t go to see most of these action film series like james bond or sherlock to have a spiritual experience. We go to see these films because they are fun and they deliver a certain quality & taste. Something we’ve begun to expect from them.

This film delivers all the mission impossible fun. Has all the bits from the ‘should you choose this mission’, 3D mask to infiltrating the uninfiltratable building (gosh that’s a major tongue twister), a high speed chase, a hot assasin lady to double crossing agents. I quite like that they stuck with an orchestra and did not random pick popular songs as background music. This isn’t a reboot or something different this is same old ethan hawk taking same old ethen hawk gambles.

IMF (impossible mission force) has been decommissioned and ethan has to go alone rogue to take down the syndicate. They are recruiting the best of the best to get a new world order going, starts from veinna, jumps to morocco and finally london. And my gosh morocco looks just like rawalpindi.

I quite enjoyed it a solid 7/10
imdb rating: 8.1