Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation

I don’t go to see mission impossible films to have a moment of contemplation or ‘deep thought’. We don’t go to see most of these action film series like james bond or sherlock to have a spiritual experience. We go to see these films because they are fun and they deliver a certain quality & taste. Something we’ve begun to expect from them.

This film delivers all the mission impossible fun. Has all the bits from the ‘should you choose this mission’, 3D mask to infiltrating the uninfiltratable building (gosh that’s a major tongue twister), a high speed chase, a hot assasin lady to double crossing agents. I quite like that they stuck with an orchestra and did not random pick popular songs as background music. This isn’t a reboot or something different this is same old ethan hawk taking same old ethen hawk gambles.

IMF (impossible mission force) has been decommissioned and ethan has to go alone rogue to take down the syndicate. They are recruiting the best of the best to get a new world order going, starts from veinna, jumps to morocco and finally london. And my gosh morocco looks just like rawalpindi.

I quite enjoyed it a solid 7/10
imdb rating: 8.1


Maze Runner – Another distopian teenage thriller

Distopian future, good looking people with a likable persona, a love interest, the world to save, losing newly made friends along the way, twists and turns only to find out the reality isn’t what it seemed.

BOOM! Welcome to the Summer block buster of this season and every season for the last decade served with a side of explosions and a cake with not enough layers on it.

In a society governed by people whose objective seems logical on a broader scale yet not ethical. But often there is something more selfish behind the what appears to be logical solutions where humans are treated as guinea pigs and the hero questions if the one live sacrificed (usually his love interest) is worth all that and usually ends up saving the girl friend and the world welcome to every distopian film focused on an teenage audience who wants more something more than the traditional romance or the action flick. Something and I quote ‘deeper’ , hello call me a sci-fi nerd if you like because I saw all of the 100 million dollar budget sci-fi’s with the pretty girl next door persona girls would you guess where oh yes the iMax.

It reminds me of a scene from Black Books

Bernard: You’re going on holiday. You want trash. But you want different kinds
of trash. (To female customer) You’re a woman, you want social themes,
believable characters. (To male customer) You, you want plots, suspense. This’ll
do you both.
Female customer: Hmm…
Bernard: (holds up another copy of the book) There’s this temp, right? She’s 29,
she can’t get a boyfriend, oh my god.
Female customer: Sounds great!
Male customer: No, no way.
Bernard: And she’s got 12 hours to stop nuclear war with China.
Male customer: Great.

This film is all that is written above and some things more. What I do like about the film is that it has less of a romance that you would expect from others of the same genre which makes it a bit better. Everything else is pretty much the same the chosen one who goes against the rules, breaks them and succeeds. Isn’t popular with the older leaders but everyone loves them, because well he is giving them more than the typical good life that they were used to before. Now its exciting there is hope, drama and dead bodies.

This group of young adults is stuck in a maze. Where they are there is food, shelter and all you need to survive but they are stuck in a maze run by they don’t know who. Are they alien? Are they scientists? Does the world exist as they knew it who knows. Anyways so the maze opens its doors everyday and closes them at night if you don’t make it by the night, you’re dead what kills you is a mystery.

There are different classes, the runners are the Alpha who run the maze memorize it and perhaps find a way out one day. In comes our rebel hero, sacrificing, charming, fast and all. The rest is no mystery.

There are some twists and turns and yes they do leave that chuky is still alive moment at the end. Since its not in cinemas anymore , you can watch it with some folks over if you want to test out the new big speaker that you just acquired.

imdb : 6.9/10

my rating : 6/10

The Brothers Bloom

Guy Ritchie meets Wes Anderson to make something neither of them would mind owning.

Brothers bloom has all the right ingredients for a great action / drama on the lines of oceans 11 or the italian job. The oh how did they do that moments soon followed by the chop and cut sequence of oh that’s how they did it.

What really makes it is the beautiful cinematography and the visual direction, it has the panning angles with the raw jerky camera at times and most of all the framing with focus on the front and something comical on the back, it’s really nicely done. The comical bit of the film feels like something from a Ritchie/anderson film if there was one. 

The story follows two brothers turned con men and their adventures rather the classic oh I’m going to quit but wait let’s do one last stint bit. The last stint’s mark is a odd but beautiful woman and the story follows.So yes the plot isn’t particularly original nor are the details. But what is original is the flow of the film and how all the pieces come together to make a good family watch. 

If I were to change anything in the film around the 75% mark in the film, I would end it right there not play the whole thing through it felt like an encore of a comic standup but wait there’s more, the ending is something you could live with though.

There are great bits in between and the humour is done well and Bang Bang what a cool character. A silent asian girl with the bloom brothers whose actions speak louder with her addiction to explosives and guns. 

A good watch

My Rating : 7 out of 10

Imdb : 6.4 out of 10