Nightcrawler – Meet the new psycho

I love Jake gyllenhaal more with every film that I watch with him in it. This is no exception.

This is a mood film and can be what you want it to be, its a social commentary about the media giving into ratings and how it forces you to pivot if you want to be in the business. Its a character study of something that can only be characterised as a Entrepreneurial psychopath, if patrick Bateman wasn’t in advertising. 

Lou Bloom, a desperate man ends up as sort of a journalist essentially selling video footage of news around the city the more sensational the better. Its a story about the spiral he gets into going deeper in the rabbit hole and you discover the character as he changes or rather brings out himself in this misadventure. 

I imagine productivity guru’s or self help book writers whose only success is motivational speaking being something like this. Its like someones narrating a marketing, motivational bible and its brilliant.The silence in the film is beautiful and powerful its not a haunting feeling but you get time to absorb it in and just at the right time, the character would break into a beautiful monologue and every monologue levels up the character for you. Think of it as reaching a level boss in a video game and every time its a bigger and cooler looking boss. 

Its also about relationships and how he Lou Bloom deals with different people in different capacities how compartmentalised he is. 

From the trailer I imagined it to be much darker but it turned out just brilliant, it goes right in my must see list in the american psycho category. 

imdb Rating : 8/10

my rating: 9/10



Denis Villeneuve is a cruel man without a single forgiving bone in his body

my rating: 9 out of 10
imdb rating: 8.1

You need to plan our Denis Villeneuve’s films, be in a good mood be alright if you go in late the next day at work because you were up all night wondering what the hell just did you experience.

You keep on clinching on to your chair the whole time because there is no other way to watch a Denis Villeneuve. They are hard to watch not for the squeamish at all but at the same time one of the most memorable experiences in cinema of the last decade. Prisoners is no exception I cannot say for sure if you will be able to watch any of his films the second time but I can assure you they will stick with you and be memorable.

This is taking revenge thrillers up a notch and the pacing is beautiful the puzzles fall into place never before time just at the right moment. But you forget the puzzle at times and just want to stop feeling what’s going on through your body while watching it.

The story revolves around the kidnapping of two little girls and the struggle of the parents to find them to get them home safely with the help of the detective (jake) . That is pretty much what you need to go with watching the film.

Jake after zodiac gives his most memorable performance and a moment doesn’t go buy when you don’t understand Jackman’s pain.

A must watch for cinema lovers with a less squeamish heart.

A million ways to die in the west

Seth’s night out in the west

rating: 7 out of 10
imdb rating: 6.4

This was good fun. I didn’t expect much out of it and it gave me quite a bit. Its about a nerd in the old west being the hating nerd self with a lot of cool guest appearances and Seth being himself.

It’s enjoyable there are laughs not ha ha I can’t breathe but ha ha that was clever. There have been comedy takes on western but this is interesting it really made me rethink the romantic tales we’ve all been watching in westerns growing up. It was a pretty crap place and time to live with to be honest and Seth just explains it as it is.

Screw the story have a few giggles with the awkward Bryan hinting self of Seth. Would watch it again with the guys.

The sunset limited – Looking for the purpose to life?

Right up there with the greats like 12 angry men & man from earth

Rating: 9 out of 10
imdb rating : 7.4

Its often great to cut down all the glamor all Hollywood and just have a raw film with a couple of folks sitting down at the table discussing life and this sir just delivers that and up to the mark.

A professor tries to kill himself and the gentleman who saves him takes him home and their sitting at the table discussing life , God , religion and everything in between.

Unlike the above mentioned films (12 Angry Men, Man from Earth) it doesn’t have the twists and turns or tries to run towards a conclusion it’s a discussion leading to more discussions perhaps not as jumpy as coffee and cigarettes but more real to life and about life.

One a man of God trying to explain his beliefs while exploring or narrating his life events along the way, the other a read man with his lost hope in humanity and finding the reason of existence explained without the existence of God.

The acting is top notch and nothing less could be expected from the seasoned actors.

The story does not force you to a conclusion nor does it state a right of wrong but leaves you just like it should thinking about the whole thing while you lay in bed that night.

Predestination – You’ll have to pause and absorb the film. A LOT!

Some films are best enjoyed without knowing much about them.

Rating: 8 out of 10
imdb rating : 7.4

This was a pleasant surprise it opens up like a big budget scifi film where something major is going to go down, an explosion to stop, lives and worlds to save but it gets better than that turning into a beautiful, mysterious, tricky drama one of the films where you have to pause for a bit and get your timelines right and think about what exactly is going on. It’s like going to see cloverfield and thinking its a film about a party and how it unfolds is brilliant.

Keeps you hooked till the last minute you can make out whats happening but you’re never sure. Then there are the time hooks like Shane’s Primer or Jaco Van Dormael’s Mr. Nobody.

Worth a watch one of the best scifi’s of the year

I Origins

Another great indie sci fi drama with a hint of philosophy and a tinge of spiritualism

Rating: 8 out of 10  
imdb rating : 7.3

Brit Marling’s involvement in a project for me is an assurance that I’m in for a thriller. From another earth to sound of my voice to I-origins all of these are great films on a smallish budget and pack a whole lot of punch.
A story of an atheist scientist trying to disprove religion once and for all by re creating a human eye from scratch to prove its possible. It’s a beautiful journey from pure science to spiritualism and questioning everything in between.

A tale photographed beautifully with the right about of silence. Its a treat for low budget scifi drama lovers who are looking for more than your Hollywood sci fi flick.

I would also recommend another earth, sound of my voice, coherence if you haven’t seen those yet.

Wish I was here

My Rating: 7 out of 10
imdb Rating: 6.7

A beautiful family drama with just enough fantasy and Zach comedy to make it great

Let me first start by saying It ain’t no garden state, it was never supposed to be but certainly we did want it to be a spaced out fantasy with Zach’s flavour of humor.

And no it is not the film with the crazy surreal setting or the fantasy world scifi adventure as we see in the trailer, do not go in there expecting that waiting for that would just lead it to disappointment.

What it is though is a beautiful comic family drama about responsibility, life and everything in between that sometimes we take for granted other times we’re just lazy to respond. It’s a wake up call in the life of a father who has been lazy and all of the procasination is starting to fall down like domino’s after his father gets cancer.

It is the story of a man picking up the pieces one by one and putting it all together again. The acting is great from the child actors and the guest appearances put a smile on your face.

The soundtrack is indie / post rockish something you’d expect from the genre.

Overall a good treat with something to think about.