The Debt

A spy film without american spies involved is always a good start but sadly ends up being not as powerful as it could have been.

The story revolves around three Mossad agents two men and a woman and the mission they carried out. It’s set in two time lines the time of east Germany and present day where the daughter of the woman has written a book about the spy life of her mother and the mission that made them infamous.

I’d recommend this if you enjoyed Munich and tinker tailor soldier and spy. While the two mentioned films focus on more spy double crosses and mysteries. This is more of a drama revolving around the event and the layers of lies it involved. The acting by the two set of actors (different actors on the two different time lines) is brilliant and you feel touched. It is possible to feel or at least understand the circumstances, the risk and above the uncertainty involved undertaking these missions.

The drama does not only show spies as spies but people, something the american’s (Show) has able to achieve. It does get slow in parts and predictable in others. If you are looking to see a great spi film, I’d say go for Munich or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy but if you’re looking for a drama where the cast of characters happen to be spies this is a good watch.

My rating : 6/10
imdb : 6.9