Million Dollar Arm

Rating: 6 out of 10

A decent sports flick without being too overly dramatic and over the top

American sports film and specially with sports like American Football, Baseball are hard to relate to a non American. But some films rise above the sport itself and it becomes more than the sport a human drama perhaps the last film to achieve this was brad pitt’s money ball and Jerry McGuire before it.

John Ham does justice to the roll of a recruiter trying to get a buck to save his agency and as films go rises above his dreams of fortune to do something greater than that. . If you’re looking for an exciting drama which grips you or something that makes you go whoa this is not it and nor does it give you the kick after watching the super bowl. But it definitely is a decent feel good film about a recruiter who gambles to get out of the grunts and the story of two young Indian boys who find their dream which they don’t know was there’s.

Worth a watch on lazy Sunday afternoon.