Predestination – You’ll have to pause and absorb the film. A LOT!

Some films are best enjoyed without knowing much about them.

Rating: 8 out of 10
imdb rating : 7.4

This was a pleasant surprise it opens up like a big budget scifi film where something major is going to go down, an explosion to stop, lives and worlds to save but it gets better than that turning into a beautiful, mysterious, tricky drama one of the films where you have to pause for a bit and get your timelines right and think about what exactly is going on. It’s like going to see cloverfield and thinking its a film about a party and how it unfolds is brilliant.

Keeps you hooked till the last minute you can make out whats happening but you’re never sure. Then there are the time hooks like Shane’s Primer or Jaco Van Dormael’s Mr. Nobody.

Worth a watch one of the best scifi’s of the year


I Origins

Another great indie sci fi drama with a hint of philosophy and a tinge of spiritualism

Rating: 8 out of 10  
imdb rating : 7.3

Brit Marling’s involvement in a project for me is an assurance that I’m in for a thriller. From another earth to sound of my voice to I-origins all of these are great films on a smallish budget and pack a whole lot of punch.
A story of an atheist scientist trying to disprove religion once and for all by re creating a human eye from scratch to prove its possible. It’s a beautiful journey from pure science to spiritualism and questioning everything in between.

A tale photographed beautifully with the right about of silence. Its a treat for low budget scifi drama lovers who are looking for more than your Hollywood sci fi flick.

I would also recommend another earth, sound of my voice, coherence if you haven’t seen those yet.

Wish I was here

My Rating: 7 out of 10
imdb Rating: 6.7

A beautiful family drama with just enough fantasy and Zach comedy to make it great

Let me first start by saying It ain’t no garden state, it was never supposed to be but certainly we did want it to be a spaced out fantasy with Zach’s flavour of humor.

And no it is not the film with the crazy surreal setting or the fantasy world scifi adventure as we see in the trailer, do not go in there expecting that waiting for that would just lead it to disappointment.

What it is though is a beautiful comic family drama about responsibility, life and everything in between that sometimes we take for granted other times we’re just lazy to respond. It’s a wake up call in the life of a father who has been lazy and all of the procasination is starting to fall down like domino’s after his father gets cancer.

It is the story of a man picking up the pieces one by one and putting it all together again. The acting is great from the child actors and the guest appearances put a smile on your face.

The soundtrack is indie / post rockish something you’d expect from the genre.

Overall a good treat with something to think about.

Beast of the southern wild

Rating: 10 out of 10

Open your heart smile and let the film take you places. A Poetic believable fantasy with a whole lot of love

Sometimes films make you think, others make you cringe, some make you laugh and then there are the beasts of the southern wild which leaves you with a wide smile, complete. It is not necessary sometime to fully comprehend things specially the first time around sometime you just need to sit down in the gallery stare at the 20 foot canvas with oil and after a while it will make you cry, perhaps smile after another couple of minutes. But you will be in awe and can’t take your eyes off it. This film is precisely that masterpiece.

It is poetic, it is surreal and beautiful.

This quote is pretty much the whole film for me : “I hope you die and after you die I’ll go to your grave and eat birthday cake all by myself.”

There are a lot of fantasy films coming out specially after special effects are so mature and there are a lot of scifi too but often they don’t make you feel something they worry too much about explaining themselves after covering up the loop holes and fixing things adding detail, layers upon layers of detail and in that forgetting the basic reason why we started watching the magic of moving pictures to feel, to fantasize to be in awe. This one just does that, think of it as the wild things are meet one of the projects Brit Marling was involved in (the sound of my voice, another earth, the east) and perhaps the realism fantasy mashup in Neill Blomkamp’s district 9.

Hushpuppy is a wild child of the swamp with a hot tempered (now sick) father and his teachings of independence and a community full of hill billies. This is an adventure with the floods, the wild and the quest to keep it all together and okay. The film explores the beautiful and somewhat explosive relationship between hushpuppy and her father still mourning the loss of hushpuppy’s mother (who left them) all while he fights his disease, the floods and authority in this beautiful drama often narrated in the voice of hushpuppy.

If anybody deserves an Oscar it’s the child star Quvenzhané Wallis. With such a hard character to play full of emotions and swinging emotions for that matter she pulls it off like a piece of cake. Not even once you feel that she is acting it comes so naturally to her, brilliant brilliant performance I can’t recall the last time I saw a child star be so brilliant.

Benh Zeitlin for a director does not feel in any way amateurish feels like anything but a feature film debut.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Rating: 8 out of 10

The silliness everyone in the family enjoys deserves more than a 5 rating

We’re too harsh on comedy titles, we want them to be perfect and epic. It is okay for comedies to be silly, stupid and out there at times. We never hold the same standard for thrillers we watch the same formula plots over and over again and still be okay with it. But with comedies oh no why did they do that , its stupid. As apposed to the 1 min hacker of pentagon in every film.

It’s a genuinely funny the story of two life long friends and magicians who share a magical act and are threatened by the modern chris angelisc magician played by Jim Carrey. I cannot think of another person playing the role.

A story of a long lost love for magic dusted by fame and money over the years. Steve carrel is his awkward a bit toned down ‘The Office’ self trying to get back on his feet and getting a little help along the way.

A great Sunday watch with the family.

Million Dollar Arm

Rating: 6 out of 10

A decent sports flick without being too overly dramatic and over the top

American sports film and specially with sports like American Football, Baseball are hard to relate to a non American. But some films rise above the sport itself and it becomes more than the sport a human drama perhaps the last film to achieve this was brad pitt’s money ball and Jerry McGuire before it.

John Ham does justice to the roll of a recruiter trying to get a buck to save his agency and as films go rises above his dreams of fortune to do something greater than that. . If you’re looking for an exciting drama which grips you or something that makes you go whoa this is not it and nor does it give you the kick after watching the super bowl. But it definitely is a decent feel good film about a recruiter who gambles to get out of the grunts and the story of two young Indian boys who find their dream which they don’t know was there’s.

Worth a watch on lazy Sunday afternoon.


Rating: 7 out of 10

A good take on law’s of robotics

A scifi misadventure set in the future somewhere near the main city of blade runner I would say. Although it borrows the cinematography and the setting from Blade runner it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Antonio a insurance company claims officer dealing with home robots stumbles across a change that might change the course of humanity, things and courses change while he digs deep to find the root of it.

There is a shift in the film from the middle the shift isn’t only in the story but the whole visual aspect of it and the mood changes completely from a dark rainy blade runner it turns into a somewhat steam punk desert.

The film is a decent watch not something that would make you sleepless at night or go what the hell I watched. It’s a nicely pased scifi drama with some really good moments.